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“I Can’t Do One More Winter in My House!”

As we mark the first day of spring, still enduring below seasonal temperatures, it’s tough to not reflect on the brutality of this weather.  Like an unwelcome house guest, winter came early and it seems determined to stay late.  On its best days, it was coldly uninspiring and on its worst it seemed to be downright cruel.  The anxiety of staying on top of winter maintenance has been overwhelming for many with single family homes and the clean- up this year seems to be enormous.  Several are waiting to do professional pruning this spring after all the tree damage inflicted by the ice storm.

I am very fortunate.  My other half is healthy, fit, mechanically knowledgeable and basically handy when it comes to solving our emerging home maintenance challenges.  Over the last two weeks he has alternated between running a submersible pump in our backyard to prevent flooding in our basement and operating a snow blower for ourselves and our neighbours, a couple of whom have been immobilized with illness and injury.

Some of my older clients are not so fortunate.  They are on their own and have some mobility challenges themselves.  They often have snow removal services or family or neighbours to help out but the responsibility of worrying about ice, snow, salt shortages and flooding is just too much this year.  While they have been mostly stoic through these tough conditions, they have no desire to repeat the harshness of this winter again.

All of a sudden, condo options do not seem so inconceivable.  Being able to wash their hands of too many stairs and too many things to worry about holds tremendous appeal.  I have had a few clients who made the decision to move from four bedroom homes that they had lived in for decades to condominiums.  Some admittedly entertained the idea a bit reluctantly but with some persistent prodding by family members they did it and they are delighted now that they made this choice.

And these condos are not the tiny little boxes that their grandsons and granddaughters have been purchasing over the last few years. These are 1,500 to 1,700 square foot suites with panoramic views and gatehouse security.  Not so bad after all and even bridge partners in the building.

I am also working with clients who are making the transition from two bedroom condos to smaller retirement residences.  While they have not had the home maintenance issues of their housebound friends, they have also felt the isolation that comes with icy sidewalks and an understandable reluctance to risk a fall and potentially a fracture if they venture out.

It is true that the extremes that we have endured this winter may not happen next year or the year after that but really, who wants to risk ever going through it again?  As some of these folks remind me, they are not getting any younger and who wants to tempt fate?  

Transitions are most successful when the older adult is able to make their own decisions and is able to integrate into the social fabric of their new community.  They are also most successful when the older adult is able to prevent any potential family stress by bringing in a skilled and objective Senior Move Manager.  Bonded and insured we can ensure that the transition is seamless.  The risks of making a move too early are outweighed by making one too late.

Don’t want to go through another winter in your family home or see your parents struggling in theirs?   We can help!  Please call Laurie at 416-697-8106 to book your complimentary consultation in the GTA.

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