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"I Decided to Take the Bull by the Horns"

I recently overheard one of my boomer clients use this expression while she took a call from a friend.  She had been thinking about putting her home on the market for a while but had been going around in circles with a number of buts and if onlys.

You know the ones:  “I would call my real estate agent right now to find out what my house is worth but I couldn’t have anyone over with all the mess…” or, “But I have one bedroom that has so much stuff in it that we can’t even open the door…” or, “But all the closets are really, REALLY Halloween scary.  . .”  And then there’s,   “But there are still unopened boxes from our last move fifteen years ago and my Great Grandmother’s silver tea service is in a big box under the stairs.  What will I do with it?” and, “If only I wasn’t so busy right now, I would be able to do this by myself, but the weekends come around and I just can’t get seem to get started…”

And then there’s the “Where will I move?” question:  “ I would like to buy a place without stairs but I don’t want to move to a condo” or, “They’re building them so small these days  and I don’t want to live right downtown…” or, “It’s all too much.  If only I could just wave a magic wand and be moved – then I’d do it… .”  Do any of these sound familiar?

Sometimes older folks find their own buts and if onlys and I sometimes hear these reasons for staying put:  “I can’t afford to move to a retirement home – they’re so expensive” or, “I would move but I just don’t have the energy that I used to have – it all just seems so overwhelming… “.

Sadly, this kind of pattern can continue for some time as people become more and more entrenched in their assumptions and unfortunately become more and more immobilized.  Their information may be dated or incomplete and their opinions about condos might change if they take a look at a few of the larger “non-downtown tower” options that are available.  Retirement homes may well be an affordable option when taking into consideration the current value of their existing home.

As with any major decision or project, it can help to break down the overwhelming big things into manageable elements and achievable steps.   Entry points to the process can vary for each individual but once one step has been investigated and accomplished, it becomes clear what is required to complete the next step and the one after that. 

My client who decided to “take the bull by the horns” began with the services that I offer.  Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. is working with her to organize her home and downsize her belongings in preparation for a move in early 2014.  Once her home is looking its best, she will begin her exploration of housing options and be able to make informed decisions from a place of relative tranquility and strength.  I can offer her reputable referrals that include contractors, realtors, movers, and any other expertise required to make her transition successful.

Another of my current clients has recently purchased a condo that is closing at the end of November.  While her busy family members have been helping her on weekends to prepare for her upcoming move, she called on me to help her manage her transition. It lifts the stress from her shoulders and removes the burden of responsibility from her adult children who have been driving in from out of town to help.

What is needed to address your individual buts and if onlys?  Can Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. help you with your transition?  Please call Laurie at 416-697-8106 to book your complimentary consultation in the Greater Toronto Area. 

It might just be a positive first step toward your successful move as you decide to “take the bull by the horns”.

If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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