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Oh, We Can Do It Ourselves. . . "

“Oh we can do it ourselves…”  I was with a client recently and we were meeting with a representative from an on-line auction house to discuss next steps.  Through the course of discussion he referred to some folks who believe that they will be fine on their own and how that optimism often takes a bit of a nose dive once they find out just how much work is involved in the entire process. 

But let’s go back to the beginning.  My relationship with this particular client began when her Mom experienced some rapid health changes.  It quickly became apparent that she wouldn’t be able to continue living on her own in the house that she had called home for over forty years. Like many of the family members who I work with, my client is very caring and respectful of her Mom’s wishes.  We systematically went through each room, sorting what most made her Mom smile, what should be considered donations, and what pieces of memorabilia that would be kept. 

After ensuring that Mom’s transition from the house to her retirement residence was seamless, we carefully set up her suite with her much loved items so that she would be able to quickly feel comfortable.  With her guidance, favoured furnishings were complimented by selected pictures hanging on the walls.  Of course the monogrammed towels were carefully arranged in the bathroom when my client’s Mom moved from her respite suite into the one that she would now be calling home :). 

Next came the time to prepare the house for sale, moving quickly to take advantage of the strong Spring real estate market.  Now we were focusing on providing clear spaces, devoid of all the personal items that can make the rooms feel smaller.  We also found space nearby to temporarily and cost effectively store these items until the property was successfully sold. 

Then we shifted to organizing the remaining contents for auction.  My client shared that that was the most fun for her :).  Grouping items into lots for sale exercised our creative expertise and we both took pleasure in knowing that the items would now be selected and enjoyed by others :).

When I last left my client she warmly expressed her thanks and shared: “I couldn’t have done it without you!”  No matter how often I hear these words, they still make my day :). 

In the past, family members often lived closer and were available to help with organizing, packing, moving and getting the set-up accomplished.  In today’s world there is often no time or availability to help with the unexpected. My Mom struggled with Parkinson’s for well over twenty years.  Through that time I helped her to downsize four times as her health and mobility needs changed.  I was working full time and while my brother and his family helped when they could, they lived out of town.  I know just how daunting and draining these challenges can be for everyone.

​Our rates are affordable and Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. can help alleviate a whole lot of stress for both the older adult and their family members.  We are bonded and insured and can customize our range of services to meet your individual needs. Why struggle to do it yourself when sensitive, objective and knowledgeable assistance is available?

If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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