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Seeking Holiday Sanity

As December looms and calendars are feeling the weight of upcoming seasonal plans and festivities I am reminded of three things that might just keep you smiling … .

First, admit it - your family is not like the Walton’s (my audience will recognize the mythical television family from years past).  In fact I don’t know of any real family who bears any resemblance whatsoever.  Even the families who genuinely love and care about each other will struggle with differing personal , values, wants, needs, tastes and priorities.  And then there are the spouses and partners . …  That’s OK, love them and celebrate them anyway - even if you can’t bring yourself to necessarily agree with them. …

Secondly, the wisest among you recognize that the Holidays are more about sharing time and yes, usually a meal,  with less focus on the giving and getting of yet more stuff.  Having seen many politely accepted Christmas presents, birthday gifts and “great ideas” that rarely make the cut when downsizing decisions are made, this is truly a cause for celebration!  

If your family is one that still cherishes the idea of presents try gifting an experience, a service or a consumable – at least to anyone over the age of forty.  …

Thirdly, you don’t have to do everything that you might have done twenty years ago when you choose to entertain.  Getting together with friends and family without being exhausted from the preparation is key and it is something that I admit that I still struggle with myself. Start early, keep it simple and really your friends and family will appreciate the opportunity to be around a more relaxed you instead of the soup tureen with the Partridge and the Pear tree on top.

This post is shorter than usual but your time is valuable and it is my goal to keep you and your aging parents smiling through the stressors of the season!

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