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When I'm the Bearer of Bad News. . .

While I am a part coach, part family mediator and part “make it happen” kind of person, I also provide advice when people are deciding “What to take? What to sell? What to give away? What to do with what’s left over?”

Of course I most enjoy the times when I am helping my clients to create possibilities.  When we come up with innovative ways to prevent disputes and preserve memories, it is very rewarding for the client and their family members who may be assisting them through their transition.

However, at times I find myself providing advice that isn’t as happily received. 

When I can introduce the client to an appraiser and the appraiser shares the history and unexpected value of an object of art, that’s fun!  It’s kind of like watching the Antique Roadshow come alive in a client’s home with an unexpected source of $$$ that has been gathering dust in the back of a closet.

More often than not though, I find myself giving people news that they find quite surprising and somewhat disappointing.  The furniture, china, chrystal, silver serving pieces and collectables that they have proudly accumulated over decades typically can provide very little monetary value in today’s market.

It really has become an issue of supply and demand.  Keep in mind that there are two generations who are downsizing right now and a third generation who have no interest in incorporating Grandma’s décor items into their 600 square ft. condos.

Yes, there are antique dealers, consignment shops and auction options, both in-person and on-line but while they keep items out of landfills, they are not offering the viable remuneration that they once were.  Some of the silver pieces that were so popular in earlier, admittedly more gracious, times are actually going at scrap metal rates. 

Yes, fortunately there are exceptions and there will always be people, including myself, who appreciate sipping their coffee from Limoges cups but the market for these items has and will continue to decline in the coming years. 

So before you consider the costs of moving that piano to your niece who lives five hours from here, you might want to get someone in to see whether it is actually worth keeping, tuning and transporting.

This is often the point when people start to feel overwhelmed again with their decision to downsize.  Where do they find a reputable appraiser or a knowledgeable piano tuner?  They worked hard to be able to purchase these items and their families paid good money for them.

Their belongings make up the tapestry of "lives well lived” so what are they supposed to do now?  It can be emotionally daunting, to say the least.

Fortunately Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. can help to guide you through the process of “What to take?  What to sell?  What to give away?  What to do with what’s left over?”    We are also happy to refer reliable specialists as needed to help you make fully informed decisions. 

Navigating the seas of change is never easy but you don’t have to go through the process on your own.  Please call Laurie at 416-697-8106 to book your free consultation in the Greater Toronto Area.

If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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