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Why Not Make it Simple?

Sometimes moves can become more complicated than they need to be.  I recently managed a move for a very nice couple who could have had “We Can Do It Ourselves” printed on matching t shirts.  They approached their upcoming move much the way they did thirty five years ago when they bought their existing house.  The idea of engaging the services of a Senior Move Manager felt completely foreign to them.  We had been referred but I honestly believe that they saw us simply as providing some help with the packing… .  Certainly we do that but we offer – and deliver - so much more.

Weighing practicality with sensitivity, I usually help my older clients and their family members with space planning and downsizing decisions.  I encourage them to make these decisions prior to the move itself.  Some people opt to take everything or almost everything that they have accumulated over the last thirty, forty or fifty years hoping to squeeze it all into, what is almost always smaller space.  This “move it first and worry about it later” approach adds to the overall stress and time required to make the transition and why pay movers to move items that simply won’t actually fit?

These folks tend to believe that that the best option is to get the movers in and out as quickly as possible.  They focus is on getting their things through the door with the intent of figuring everything out later… .  While I am a strong believer in remaining fluid with smaller décor items, it is wise to know where the larger items will live in your new space and have the movers safely locate them while they are available on site.

“Do it yourselfers” tend to lean toward using a variety of re-purposed cardboard boxes for their move in spite of awkward sizing.  They may also engage their caregivers to assist them with packing with varying results. Such “free” boxes and assistance can seem like much less of a deal when heavy staples may leave a deep scratch in your new floors.  Properly sized, safely packed and stacked cardboard boxes or plastic bins can protect your belongings as well as your new home’s finishes.  As an industry professional I obtain discounted packing supplies and I happily pass those savings on to my clients.

Surprising as this may sound, it can also be costly, not to mention time consuming, to do your own donation drops and arrange for your own junk removal.  I work with a number of reliable and reputable service providers who provide discounts and in some cases, tax receipts, to my older clients for some of their furniture items.  Navigating the world of donations, liquidators and consignment stores can seem daunting if you don’t do this every day.  In some cases managed on-line auctions can provide a cost effective and transparent alternative to effectively clear the house of furnishings and items that are no longer wanted or needed.  This method also affords a safer option for my older clients than trying to use sites like Kijiji to sell items individually … .

The benefits of having a Senior Move Manager plan your space, professionally pack your belongings, safely unpack for you and tastefully install your art can truly ensure that your move is seamless. It also means that you can begin to enjoy your new home immediately without worrying about what to do with everything else that is no longer fits or fits in.  Why not make it simple?

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