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Protecting Your Autonomy

Protecting Your Autonomy When I launched Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. in 2012 I recognized intuitively that older adults needed to knowthat they had autonomy. Granted, this looks a little different when you are 70 than it does when you are 80 and may change some more when you celebrate 90 but the need to maintain control over one’s life is intrinsic to all of us. We want to feel that we are in #control of our own lives.  Feeling powerless to address the myriad changes tha

Honouring the Heart Within

You might think about the challenges and practicalities of space planning and downsizing and how to get rid of all the stuff that you and your family members no longer want. You might even consider how an objective professional can ensure that you are working with reliable and vetted service providers.  It’s good to be able to have faith in the #movers who will be transporting your belongings and knowing that that you are not paying more than you need to for junk #removal and

Time Spent with Family - Have You Had “The Talk”?

As many of us have spent time with family over the Holidays it can be a time for reflection and it can, for some, be time for “The Talk”. I’m not referring to a safer-sex talk with your kids or indeed your aging parents.  I am talking about an exploration of what comes next as we get a little older.  What environment is going to best meet our #emerging #health and #mobility #needs as we #age? Are we going to feel #overwhelmed by losses that are inevitable or are we going to c

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