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Individualized Plans Tailored to Your Situation
1. Are you strictly a moving company?

We provide a full range of Senior Move Management services to ensure that your downsizing project or relocation is as seamless as possible.  By working with a number of trusted partners, Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. can reduce much of the stress involved with sourcing and arranging vetted service providers and reliable contractors.

Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful. ~ Regina Brett

2. I am an active senior and in very good health.  What about helping me to get my home organized without planning any near term moves?

​Absolutely! Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. can help you sort through your things and optimize your living space. If any items aren't meeting your current needs, we can share ways to keep treasured memories accessible. You will be able to enjoy your newly organized home again!

3. I haven't had as many years to accumulate as my parents have but it's really starting to get out of control. Are your services right for me?

They sure are!  It’s a lot easier to organize and simplify your life before something unexpected happens.  No one likes to have to make tough decisions when under pressure.

Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. can help!

4. My Mom’s needs have changed and she will need to move from the room that she is in now to another room on a different floor.  Can you help?


Sure we can.  Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. works closely with administration in several GTA retirement homes and long term care facilities to ensure that your Mom’s move will be seamless. Things will be where she can easily and quickly enjoy them – usually in the same day.

choose move services tailored to your needs

"Everything was set up perfectly for me in my little apartment. I came back from eating dinner and everything was in its place. I am so glad that I didn't have to bother my grandson hanging pictures and the like. I know he would have done it for me but he's just so busy right now."


M.E.B., East York

5. I could use some help but I don’t require all of your services.  Can I pick and choose what will work best for me?

Absolutely!  Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. will meet with you and fully discuss your situation at the beginning of the process.  Our affordable rates allow you to choose which services will best meet your needs.

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