Decision Fatigue? End the Suffering!

Not unusually for me, I have worked with multiple members of the same #families and our team has helped them through more than one #transition. One person uses our services and then other family members want to enjoy seamless transitions too. In one such situation we originally helped the parents relocate from a four bedroom house to a two bedroom condo.  This couple had raised a family in their house for thirty-eight years so you can imagine there was a bit of downsizing to

Which Senior Move Strategy is Best for You?

I got some assistance last week from a technology guru and honestly, what a load off my shoulders! Like many of my clients and their #families I am an expert at some things but definitely not in all things.  I appreciate knowing that there are reputable folks out there to help me #navigate those other areas of #life – the ones where I am not as knowledgeable or confident. I can remember taking some basic computer courses years ago but the thing is that once we master one prog