Decision Fatigue? End the Suffering!

Not unusually for me, I have worked with multiple members of the same #families and our team has helped them through more than one #transition. One person uses our services and then other family members want to enjoy seamless transitions too. In one such situation we originally helped the parents relocate from a four bedroom house to a two bedroom condo.  This couple had raised a family in their house for thirty-eight years so you can imagine there was a bit of downsizing to

Let’s Toss those Ageist Stereotypes

When I explain to people what I do – not everyone is familiar with “Senior Move Management” – people often respond with what they think it must be like to work with my clients. Fair enough.  They may have had personal experience with someone who fits one of the stereotypes out there but my own experience has been quite different.  My clients vary in virtually every way possible. They come from different backgrounds #culturally and #socio-economically.  Of course their persona