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Let’s Toss those Ageist Stereotypes

When I explain to people what I do – not everyone is familiar with “Senior Move Management” – people often respond with what they think it must be like to work with my clients.

Fair enough.  They may have had personal experience with someone who fits one of the stereotypes out there but my own experience has been quite different.  My clients vary in virtually every way possible. They come from different backgrounds #culturally and #socio-economically.  Of course their personalities, histories and values also impact the choices they make.

Someone in their sixties will probably see the world differently than someone in their seventies and their perceptions will be different than someone who may be eighty or ninety years young.  Of course physical health and mental health will impact expectations as well as hobbies and interests.  

Of course, in spite of our many differences we have been, as a society, #consumerDriven over the last few decades.  If we could afford it we bought it and we often had the space for it. From real estate to furnishings and décor to luxury vacations - we had an accumulation mind-set that was fueled by what we thought of as a life well lived.  We hoped of course that these acquisitions would hold their value.   But with two #generations #downsizing and the third generation having very different tastes and priorities we are left with a situation governed by supply and demand.  

It’s not all bad news though.  #Priorities vary and means vary but one thing that almost all of my older clients have happily discovered is that if they have owned #RealRstate in the GTA over the last few decades, they can probably afford to make choices that can make their golden years feel just a little more golden.

While many of my clients are opting to sell their homes their destinations of choice vary as much as the people themselves.  Some decide to purchase a condo.  Some opt for a retirement residence.  Others look at the cash cow that home ownership in the GTA has afforded them and move out of the city.  Still others choose rental apartments and I have seen this happen more and more over the last few months.  In virtually all of these situations my clients happily leave behind their stairs and #home #maintenance responsibilities and move forward with relief and genuine #optimism.  It’s time for a fresh start.

So with all these differences and choices, why do people still cling to dated expectations about what getting older looks like?  Because we are human and we like to create simple answers to what can be complex questions.

Our world is shifting quickly and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Do we have the time, the energy and the will to try and navigate through it as we try to figure out what will work best in our situation?

What about all of our #stuff?  What worked ten years ago or even three years ago may not be as relevant today. I personally believe that tailored solutions work best. We are living longer now, although not necessarily in fabulous health, and we all know that sometimes things don’t go as planned… .

What I have seen is that folks of a certain age have witnessed more than a few surprises in their lifetime and many of them are, in fact, coping very well with new information and sometimes a new place to call home.  They may get a little apprehensive at times but they embrace change with a lot more ease than many would expect.  

When they have the opportunity to make choices they do so with awareness and often aplomb.  Irrespective of age, they embrace next steps with courage and an attitude that’s inspiring.  They are often enthusiastic leads in their own #transition and we become sensitive, knowledgeable and #objective #facilitators.

Whether my clients are in their sixties or in their nineties or anywhere in between we can ensure that they remain autonomous and assisting with those emotional aspects help every bit as much as the practical elements in ensuring that their entire transition comes off without a hitch.

Everyone is different and we offered tailored solutions for #movingSeniors each individual, irrespective of age or individual situation!

If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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