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Planning Ahead and Navigating the Whammies

I am the first person to admit that sometimes life has a way of sneaking up on us and delivering a whammy. Really there is no way to see it coming.  

There are people who live in fear of whammies every day of their lives and those are the folks who never take a chance, never venture out of their comfort zones and live life in a constant state of what might appear to some to be hyper-vigilant anxiety. These people may be considered pessimists but they are definitely not considered risk-takers. Then there are others who don’t like to think ahead at all.  They live in the present, hope for the best and believe that somehow everything will work out. These are the folks who prefer to keep their rose coloured glasses on at all times, rain or shine. Then there are the #planners. They set #goals, they cover their bases and have time lines for most, if not all, of major life events as they see them unfolding. They research their options, they plan ahead and their lives often seem to move forward accordingly. Most of us will think of people you know as you read this post.  Some of you will recognize yourselves and others will think of a spouse or a family member or a friend. We are all different.  We have different personalities, we have had different life experiences that shape our world views and we have different tastes and values. There is a common element though – we are all getting #older, and whatever that involves, it beats the alternative!   I sometimes share that my clients, may they be in their 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, often feel like they are 40 in their hearts.  They may not be able to physically accomplish what they were able to do thirty or forty years ago but they remain who they are inside.   These individuals have hopes and dreams much as they did when they were younger but they are, in fact, aging.  The chances of being hit with a life changing whammy are greater.  The loss of a spouse or a partner, a major health diagnosis or even a so called “minor” one can majorly impact our quality of life.  The houses that we raised our families in might not be so ideal for us now.  The lawns and gardens that we once enjoyed may now feel more like unwanted responsibilities.  The stairs that we once thought nothing of now seem like daily mountains to climb. However next steps need not feel like last steps and even for the planners among us it is good to periodically re-evaluate and have a Plan B in mind in case life deals you or yours one of those unwanted whammies.   I also remind people that it is always better to make a move when you are able to make your own decisions. No one, no matter how loving, will make the same choices as you will.  Whether your next move will be to a condo, a #retirement residence or a senior’s apartment we can ensure that every element of your transition is seamless.  What is the best part of all?  We do it with a smile and that is something that you can count on! If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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