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Protecting Your Autonomy

Protecting Your Autonomy When I launched Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. in 2012 I recognized intuitively that older adults needed to knowthat they had autonomy. Granted, this looks a little different when you are 70 than it does when you are 80 and may change some more when you celebrate 90 but the need to maintain control over one’s life is intrinsic to all of us. We want to feel that we are in #control of our own lives.  Feeling powerless to address the myriad changes tha

Decision Fatigue? End the Suffering!

Not unusually for me, I have worked with multiple members of the same #families and our team has helped them through more than one #transition. One person uses our services and then other family members want to enjoy seamless transitions too. In one such situation we originally helped the parents relocate from a four bedroom house to a two bedroom condo.  This couple had raised a family in their house for thirty-eight years so you can imagine there was a bit of downsizing to

Bridging that Perspectives Gap

Getting together with #family over the #Holidays was wonderful for some and for others more challenging… .  Sometimes one or more adult children won’t have seen Mom or Dad for a few months and one or more parents’ health, mobility and #cognitivedecline can feel like a huge elephant in the room. Broaching the subject of what comes next isn’t easy. Talking to our parents about aging and their evolving needs usually isn’t one of those conversations you want to initiate over a fe

It’s More than Just the Move. . .

I occasionally get enquiries and it quickly becomes clear that what is wanted is a moving quote.  I understand the confusion.  My company name is: #Moving #Seniors with a Smile Inc. after all.  But those in the know understand that I am a Senior Move Manager and the actual move is only one element of an older adult’s #transition.  It is not a term that everyone is familiar with so I thought that I’d share just how we go beyond what a regular mover can offer. Sometimes you kno

5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Your Upcoming Move!

I recently addressed this topic on my weekly radio segment on Marilyn Wetston’s “From a Woman’s Perspective” at 8:00 a.m. Saturdays on Zoomer Radio. It’s spring although the weather doesn’t always feel like it.  There are a few more For Sale signs out there now but prices are still great and people are still moving in the GTA.  Whether you are planning an upcoming move or whether you would simply like to #reorganize your existing home, there are things that you can do to #red

Need a Mother’s Day Gift Idea?

Like you I am seeing Mother’s Day Gift ads pop up everywhere. Have you made any decisions yet?  What if this year you choose to give your Mom something different?  How about the gift of an experience – for example a pair of theatre or symphony tickets? There are always consumables like flowers or a yummy treat?  How about a service that Mom would genuinely appreciate?Some gift ideas like a spa treatment with you could fall into both the experience and service categories… . If

Preventing those Family Feuds. . . .

Christmas is around the corner and I don’t know about you but I have seen a lot of people trying to simplify the entire experience. They are focusing on time spent with family and close friends, sometimes only buying for the children and basically pulling back on the consumer madness that used to grip so many of us. You know there was a time when I used to buy presents for forty seven people.  I would be exhausted by the time Christmas rolled around. One thing I managed to le

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