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Need a Mother’s Day Gift Idea?

Like you I am seeing Mother’s Day Gift ads pop up everywhere. Have you made any decisions yet?  What if this year you choose to give your Mom something different?  How about the gift of an experience – for example a pair of theatre or symphony tickets? There are always consumables like flowers or a yummy treat?  How about a service that Mom would genuinely appreciate?Some gift ideas like a spa treatment with you could fall into both the experience and service categories… .

If you have read some of my previous posts on gift giving, you have no doubt discovered the theme here.   Whatever you decide to do to honour your #Mom – and the options are virtually endless – I encourage you to select a gift that won’t add to her collection of unworn sweaters or cute little tchotchkes that are #crowding out any remaining space on her mantle, tables, drawers and closets.  

Most of us have been guilty on one occasion or another of selecting a gift that seemed like a great idea at the time, only to realize that Mom really can’t or won’t use it.  Then there are also those presents that were chosen hurriedly because there MUST be a gift to open, even though you were sadly fresh out of any ideas, never mind great ones.  I admit that I have been there myself… .

I am currently working with an #elderlyWoman who is blessed with a large and attentive extended #family.  Can you imagine all the Birthday and Mother’s Day gifts that my client has received over the years from her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews?  Think of the sheer volume of items that are generated during these happy #celebrations but that are often tucked away - out of sight and essentially out of mind after everyone goes home.

My client honestly has little interest in many of the items themselves but she doesn’t want to hurt her family members’ feelings.  I encourage you to please give your folks permission to part with some of these things that have been accumulating over the years.  It can help the giver as well as the recipient to know that these things will be used and enjoyed by someone instead of taking up valuable real estate in a drawer or closet… .

Having played a major role in many #downsizing projects in my #SeniorMoveManagement business, I have literally #moved mountains to help clients cost effectively shed their #unwantedItems.  You can believe me when I say that many Mother’s Day gifts don’t make the final cut when older adults choose what will go with them to their next, often smaller, home.

While we offer professional organizing, downsizing and a full range of customized move management services at Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc., other kinds of services might be a better match for your Mom’s current needs.  Whatever you decide to do for your Mom on her special day, please consider #gifting an experience, consumable or service.  Chances are you will both appreciate it later.

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