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Do You Want to Play Wack-a-Mole with your Next Move?

It is CNE time in the city and whether or not you are a fan of the Ex, you are probably familiar with the midway game called Wack-a-Mole.

Each player pays to play, gets a mallet and there are mechanical moles that pop up through holes in a horizontal platform. The object of the game is to whack each mole down with your mallet but it can be really hard to keep up with the unrelenting little moles. No sooner have you wacked one down, four others pop up to challenge your skill level.

This can be a fun game to play on the midway but it is not a lot of fun when your upcoming move - and at times your life - feels like a giant game of Wack-a-Mole.

It is not unusual for my older clients to make the big decision to move but then they lie awake at nights thinking: Well, what about this? What about that?

· What will they do with all the tools in the garage?

· What will they do about Grandma’s dishes that she brought with her on the boat when she emigrated? The kids don’t want them.

· What about the piano?

· What about the old 2nd fridge in the basement?

· What about Uncle Frank’s old army memorabilia in the cedar chest?

· What about the eight big totes of Christmas decorations and the two trees and all the garland for the stairs?

· What about the record albums and the books and the dining room set?

· What to take? What to sell? What to give away? What to do with what’s left over?

· My church used to have a rummage sale but they don’t do that anymore.

· Should I get a dumpster?

· Should I get a storage unit?

· How long should I keep those bank and investment statements? What about the books for the business that we had years ago? What shredding company should I use?

· What moving company should I use? I have heard horror stories about movers who have held things for ransom.

· What delivery company should I use for the dresser that my brother wants?

· What junk removal company should I use?

· Will my bookcases fit in my new condo or retirement residence?

· Can I take both dressers?

· My niece said she wanted my bedroom suite but now she is not coming for it? What if she doesn’t pick it up before the house closes?

· What about the rattan chairs and the barbeque on the patio?

· Are any of these items saleable?

You can see how all these questions can plague you at 3:00 a.m. Things can feel overwhelming really quickly. You no sooner get one question resolved when twenty-five others pop up and where did I put that darn whack-a-mole mallet anyway?

Well the truth is I am pretty good at Whack-a-Mole. And I am even better at the Whack-a-Mole of downsizing and moving. We can guide you through all your questions and we can provide answers that are tailored to your situation and your specific needs.

We have the vetted connections that will make each aspect of your upcoming transition go smoother. We may not be able to guarantee that you won’t wake up at 3:00 in the morning with another question but we will help you navigate whatever move related anxieties that are plaguing you. Bonded and insured we do the worrying so that you don’t have to.

I am not a fan of labels and truly people seem to be a lot harder on themselves and their family members than we would ever be. The word hoarder occasionally comes up but it is often used inappropriately. I honestly don’t find these kinds of words useful. Our clients lived through different times. Sometimes they have survived scarcity. Often being able to purchase things for their house or their condo was a sign of a life well lived. Genuinely helping families throughout the daunting downsizing process is all about perspective and yes, empathy. No one ever wants to feel judged and rightly so.

Of course I have a background in mental health support, crisis intervention and dispute resolution and these skills do come in handy throughout your own transition or that of a loved one.

So would you like to leave the game of Whack- a Mole on the midway? Why stress yourself and your family when the experienced dream team at Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. can remove the stress and burden of responsibility from your shoulders?

If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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