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Does Size Matter?

Sometimes it does and I would go so far as to say that it can matter significantly when you are planning a move.

No one ever wants to pay too much but honestly, I find that folks who lead with questions about the hourly rate are often missing an important point.

I have been running Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc. for six years and have personally managed hundreds and hundreds of successful transitions. With that kind of experience I have a pretty good idea how to ensure that things go smoothly and in fact, how long a successful move should take.

Of course the shortest time possible is not always best either! The moving company that I recommend to our clients carefully blanket and shrink-wrap the furniture so that can take a little longer than guys who simply throw everything in the back of the truck and hope for the best.

Good companies take the time to train their guys and they don’t use day labour like some of their “budget” competition.

Small movers may not invest in keeping their trucks or blankets laundered, if indeed they even have blankets. If there are stair carries there will be additional charges and, at the end of an often very long day, the bill may balloon because those untrained and inexperienced guys typically take longer than a trained, professional team who do this full time.

Insurance is yet another charge you want to consider. Many folks will gladly pay an additional few dollars to insure their belongings but guess what? The insurance pays by the pound and, if you do need to make a claim, the fine print can deliver a surprising whammy.

The company I use take care with my clients’ items, the insurance costs are included in their rates and you don’t have to provide a deposit when you book. Like us, they stand behind their service and if something goes awry they’ll do everything humanly possible to make things right.

I live in a neighbourhood with quite a few single family homes. Most of my neighbours are great but there is occasionally one who never spares more than a glance when you greet them. Well that neighbour moved recently and, confident in their own abilities, sourced out a bargain mover.

These folks did their own packing and then they waited for their movers - and then they waited some more. Well in some ways they were lucky - the bargain movers they booked weren’t crooks and we have all heard those stories – but they were scheduled to arrive at 9:00 am. Instead they pulled up at 3:00 p.m. Apparently they had a vehicle breakdown but, not having another truck to draw on, had to rent one. The two guys themselves, not very experienced, didn’t bring tools with them from the original truck. Of course the beds and table needed to be dismantled table so the neighbours were recruited at dinner time to lend some tools to the cause. The couple had already gotten rid of the majority of their tools and weren’t sure which box might contain the required drill and wrench. . . .

Based on my experience, this move from a small bungalow to a nearby condo should have taken about six hours - all in - but I saw them still loading the truck at 9:00 pm. The condo elevator window was long gone so all their belongings remained on the rental truck overnight.

I heard later that these folks ended up paying significantly more than they bargained for and there were also things damaged in the process.

Who needs this kind of stress? With us managing the process these stressors don’t happen!

Size does matter and knowledge and experience do too! In my line of work I see plenty of folks offering moving and but again, there is more involved in making your selection than simply asking about hourly rates.

How long have they been in business? Have they invested in training and do they maintain professional memberships and affiliations? Are they bonded? Do they carry adequate liability insurance? Can they supply references? Do they have the connections and relationships to successfully guide you through your entire transition?

Life is full of enough whammies without having to worry about your upcoming move. Engage the services of an awesome senior move manager who will help you navigate the entire process. Engage the services of an awesome Senior Move Manager who will make you smile!

If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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