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Let’s Bust Some Moving Myths!

In my line of work I often hear myths about “the dreaded move”.  Let’s dispel a few of those and lighten the mood.  The first myth that I run into is about moving in the winter.  No one ever wants to do it.  When you work with a reputable moving company as I do though, floor runners are always available and furnishings are blanketed and shrink wrapped before they go on the truck.  Of course our dream team professionally packs everything else, usually in one day, so the weather outside becomes a non-issue.

Sure it isn’t a lot of fun for the movers to have to work in a blizzard but frankly it’s not a lot of fun when the heat and humidity take the temperatures up over 30 degrees either.

Everyone who works in the industry knows that summers are especially busy and more so this year due to the very frothy real estate market that we experienced in the GTA early this spring. As those properties have closed, movers have been stretched to the max and not every company has the same high standards that we and our vetted service providers share. You want your belongings to be treated with the utmost of care and your movers to have training, experience, and, frankly, rest. There are benefits to taking the road less travelled in the off-season… .

Off course not everyone gets to choose which time of year that they re-locate but when you engage the services of a savvy Senior Move Manager, each season has its plusses. It’s not about when.  It’s all about how your move is managed.

The second myth is one that often accompanies a measuring tape… . Please remember that just because something can fit, doesn’t mean it should fit.  Most of my clients are moving from houses to condos or from houses or condos to retirement residences and honestly, not all have a keen sense of space.  They or their well-meaning relatives will dutifully measure and, in some cases, create a space plan but they are often not happy with their “do-it-yourself” results. Adjusting for scale in your new home is just as important as adjusting for a change in lifestyle.

As a knowledgeable, sensitive and objective Senior Move Manager I am part therapist, part project manager and part designer and decorator.  It is more efficient and cost effective to decide what will work well in your new space before you pack and move a lot of items that won’t be making the final cut in your new home.

The third myth? Cheaper is always better.  No so.  From movers right through junk removal services we thoroughly vet the services that we recommend to clients and we look for value provided along with pricing that is competitive.We choose to work with reputable companies that frankly make us look good. We don’t accept referral fees from service providers so that lines are not blurred. The news is filled with stories of movers who may offer the lowest price but they fail to offer value and some sadly try to take advantage of those already under stress.  We strive to continuously offer excellent value to our older clients and their families and we consistently recommend reliable service providers who do the same.  

Let’s bust that fourth myth – the one that maintains that moves just have to be stressful. Many scales list moving right up there with the death of a loved one, divorce, major illness and job loss.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  With our expertise and connections, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with a seamless transition.  What to take? What to sell? What to give away? What to do with what’s left over? From these decisions right through our one-day pack, move oversight and unpack and set-up, we remove as much of the stress from your upcoming move as is humanly possible.

If you believe that your contacts may find this helpful, please share and visit us at

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